The Possibility, and Necessity, of Change

Reinventing the Steel: A three-part discussion of how extreme metal could reinvigorate itself through explicit ideological engagement with feminism

2) (ii) The possibility, and necessity, of change

Trigger warning: victim-blaming, graphic description of abuser/rapist mentality

In discussing the patriarchal underpinnings of metal in the first part of this post, I didn’t mean to decry the genre, or to declare that it can’t create spaces for women. Because of my appreciation for heavy music, and the close-knit communities that spring up around it, I know that it’s capable of offering marginalised groups of people a support structure, and potentially a site of resistance against an oppressive, patriarchal system. But if it continues to perpetuate that same system in its own organisation, metal is not acting as a support structure for women who appreciate and need it just as much as their male comrades. I want metal to be for everybody who wants it.

In her recent e-book Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet, Laurie Penny identifies a similar dynamic at play in geek culture (which metal could be defined as a subset of), especially in its manifestations online. For geek women, isolation from mainstream culture is made worse by sexism and ostracism from the very boys and men they might have expected to find solidarity with. She writes from personal experience, as someone who knows how being both a geek and a woman compounds your marginalisation:

“we were there too, the other geeks and weird kids whose lives were hellish at school…We were there too, but you didn’t see us, because we were girls. And the costs of being the geek were the same for us, right down to the sexual frustration, the yearning, the being laughed at, the loneliness. And then we went online… only to find ourselves slut-shamed and screamed at if we gave away that we might be female. For us there was no escape. We had to fight the same battles you did, only harder, because we were women and we also had to fight sexism, some of it from you, and when we went looking for other weird kids to join our gang, we were told we weren’t ‘real geeks’ because we were female.1


The accusation that women can’t be “real” geeks or “real” metalheads is rampant both online and off. Never mind women’s genuine appreciation for those subcultures, and their lived experience of the same bullshit as socially marginalised men, and more besides. For too many men, all geek girls (or metal girls) are fake2. It is absolutely unfair that women drawn to the culture around heavy music for the same reasons as men have to face this persecution, and the accusation that they don’t truly belong there, in what is supposed to be a space for anyone who can appreciate musical extremity.

If men want to help change this situation, the key is not guilt or despair, but a clear look at how not only patriarchal ideals, but also metal’s very structure, contribute to the idea that treating women this way is acceptable. The takeaway from Allan Johnson’s The Gender Knot (from which I quoted extensively last time) is that no one alive today is personally responsible for creating patriarchy. Its influence is systemic, wider and bigger than any one person. The system only acts through us, so we do have a responsibility to try and ensure our actions don’t prop up male domination and female oppression. Calling your friends out for derogatory or exclusionary comments about women, and explaining why it isn’t cool, is also important. But the system of patriarchy, not the actions of individual misogynists, is the main problem.

Although the same propensity for “geek sexism” that Penny identifies is at play in the metal world, male metal fans are not inherently any more misogynist than men generally- a lot of them are opposed to oppression of women, either explicitly or without realising it. The problem isn’t individual misogynists, but that the genre conventions of metal as a musical form tend towards either excluding, ignoring or actively denigrating women. As blues music often expressed hostility or fear toward women as a staple theme, rock music and later, metal, absorbed this tendency, reproduced and consolidated it. As Post-Zeitgeist documents, there is a direct continuity between violence against women in blues lyrics, and in death metal- the latter’s imagery is more explicit and grotesque, but the theme and underlying intention are the same3.

Metal lyrics and rape culture

At this point you might be asking why it matters that misogynistic themes are prevalent in extreme metal. So death metal bands have all those songs about the murder and rape of women- they don’t actually commit the atrocities they sing about, or endorse people doing so. Isn’t it all essentially tongue-in-cheek, an exploration of fantasy? It’s true that expressing morbid feelings doesn’t automatically translate into a desire to act out those impulses. The problem is that our actions and our art do not necessarily send the message we want them to.

It’s been said by better people than me that feminists don’t think all men are rapists- rapists think all men are rapists4. The extent to which male sexual offenders believe their actions to be normal, acceptable male behaviour is well-documented, and is directly related to the normalisation of violence against women in wider culture. Exposure to sexist jokes, for example, is connected to greater levels of self-reported rape proclivity and victim-blaming5. A connection could easily be made between misogyny in metal lyrics and last year’s debate around rape jokes in stand-up comedy. Quite aside from the need to consider the huge numbers of women who have been raped and will therefore probably not find the joke funny, do we really want to reinforce the justifications built up in the minds of sexual predators? Do we really want to contribute, in some small part, to their actions?

I wrapped my hands around
her neck
Squeezing out her breath
Eyes rolled back in her head
Clawing at my skin
I know now it’s not my fault
She was asking for it”

(Cannibal Corpse- She Was Asking For It)

Let’s take a concrete example of a metal song that plumbs the depths of misogyny. Cannibal Corpse’s song “She Was Asking For It” would likely be taken by most listeners as a sick joke, not an honest statement of belief about female rape victims. You could even argue that by presenting the rapist/killer’s mindset in such bald clarity, it attempts to lay bare and ultimately condemn the mentality behind such crimes6. But as the study quoted above shows, jokes about rape help to legitimise violence against women for those predisposed to misogyny. In the mind of the rapist, conditioned to feel entitled to women’s bodies thanks to numerous subtle cultural messages encouraging that entitlement, it’s easy to take “I know it’s not my fault” at face value. It’s yet another affirmation that he is justified in his behaviour and his viewpoint, that women are indeed “asking for it”.

It’s easy to criticise a set of lyrics for propagating rape culture if one personally finds them artistically lacking. But what if a band you personally like does something similar? For me, Pig Destroyer are one of the best bands in metal today, in part because of their lyrical content. Vocalist JR Hayes’ writing is downright poetic, packing a surprising depth considering the brevity required of grindcore. This undeniable skill means the streak of misogyny in his lyrics is harder to get to grips with7.

I hold your hands in mine

the rest of you is scattered

all over

your rib cage is open

like a great white’s jaws

your legs look so sexy out of context”

(Pig Destroyer- Deathtripper)

“Deathtripper” is another tale of death and dismemberment, albeit rendered less explicitly than the blunt trauma of a Cannibal Corpse song. The “out of context” line, for example, creeps up on you, evoking horror only when you’ve considered its implication. Rather than wallowing in gore, Hayes uses irony and simile to help the listener paint the terrifying picture in their imagination. But the lyrical sophistication masks the fact that it is the exact same narrative of violence against women as in so many other metal songs. Its comparatively refined language is almost more insidious in this respect.

She’s got a neck
Built for my hands
The way a pine
Grows for the saw
They say I hate women
They couldn’t be more wrong…
The other day
I followed her…
I just wanted to hold her
Like an anaconda”

(Pig Destroyer- Baltimore Strangler)

“Baltimore Strangler” follows a stalker of women, letting us into his head as he describes his feelings toward his target. To be fair, no violence is explicitly committed in the song’s narrative. The intent is presumably to provoke us to consider the stalker’s justifications, not to endorse them. But the line “They say I hate women/They couldn’t be more wrong” has a self-referential air- it could be read as a direct quote from the author, which necessarily ties the rest of the song’s sentiments to Hayes himself. Again, he probably doesn’t intend for us to accept the subject’s reasoning, but any misogynists and abusers that might be listening don’t necessarily know that. Might they not see it as yet another reassurance that how they see women is justified, that their behaviour is OK?

If that were the case- if a Pig Destroyer fan raped or otherwise assaulted someone- it absolutely wouldn’t be on Hayes because a song he had written had been misinterpreted as justifying rape. Pinning the blame for an individual crime onto one specific media influence would be the same flimsy argument made by religious conservatives to blame the videogame Doom for the Columbine high school massacre. But like it or not, the song would have been one small, individual contribution to rape culture; the larger cultural narrative a rapist could point to as justification for their crime.

Metal lyricists need to ask themselves- is it worth it to use violence against women as a topic, if it can be used by rapists in that way? I don’t mean this as an attempt to shame metal artists into avoiding certain themes. But we absolutely have to think deeply about how our art will be understood by an audience. It’s fast becoming a cliché to quote Kurt Vonnegut’s line in Mother Night, but it’s still true- “we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be”.

By following the genre conventions of metal music as they exist today, one can easily end up reinforcing patriarchal structures and representations of women, without meaning to. It is even possible to unwittingly end up contributing to a narrative that minimises and justifies violence and rape. This is why I feel the status quo of metal as it currently exists is exclusionary towards women.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is why it’s so important to create alternatives to how metal currently represents women, to make space for new roles women can play within metal. This is where feminism comes in. Not only does feminist thought hold the potential to undercut patriarchy in metal and create more equal, respectful representations of women, it also acts as a model of political engagement, tempering extremity with reflection in a way that could help restore the genre’s sense of danger and vibrancy.


1 Laurie Penny. Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet, p32.

2 Devin Faraci, “On Fake Geek Girls”.

3 “Death metal: Grotesquery, fetish and misogyny”, Post-Zeitgeist, 20th March 2012.

4 “Feminists Don’t Think All Men Are Rapists. Rapists Do.”

5 Cullen, Fernandez, Thomae, Viki. “The Effect of Sexist Humor and Type of Rape on Men’s Self-Reported Rape Proclivity and Victim Blame” in Current Research in Social Psychology, Vol 13, No 10 December 2007.

6 It might be unhelpful to conflate murder and rape here. Some will undoubtedly claim that songs about killing women don’t promote rape culture. But the song’s title is a frequent justification for rape of women more than murder. In any case, without consent, sex is not sex. Rape is violence, and thus is connected to murder.

7 As is the band’s popularity with female metalheads. I am aware many of these women have no problem with songs I might find misogynist, and that they may well consider my pronouncements on metal patriarchy incredibly patronising. Certainly misogyny is far from the only influence in the bands’ lyrics, much of which focus on women and female imagery, but I believe it is definitely there.

10 responses to “The Possibility, and Necessity, of Change

  1. Can I just ask what the hell is so “counterculture” about confirming one of the dominant culture’s strongest beliefs: that bitches ain’t shit? I’m sorry, but precisely what is so revolutionary about that whole attitude?

    Sing a song about lynching n*ggers and then try to tell the people who scream bloody murder about it that it’s “ironic” and “a social commentary” and see how far that gets you.

    Draw comparisons between “That N*gger Was Asking For It” and “Strange Fruit” and then see how many people are willing to buy it.

    Sing me a song about murdering black people and then excuse it by saying, “Hey most folks who listen to this don’t actually go lynch anyone!” Draw comparisons to the fact that most white men in the KKK have never actually lynched anyone (they haven’t) and then convince me that you’ve just proven the KKK to be harmless, “just” fantasy. Argue that you’ve just proven that most of the white men in the KKK are actually not at all racist!. In fact, their willingness to let their fantasies out “harmlessly” probably makes them the nicest white people on Earth!

    Go ahead.

    BTW, this is rhetorical-you we’re talking about here, not you specifically.

    You can also try to convince me that the women who argue that they’re okay with it and think it’s just fine aren’t simply trying (and failing) to convince themselves that things are really not as bad as they seem, that they really don’t mind that their boyfriend likes that song best, and that they haven’t smothered their self-respect with a pillow to deny that they are willingly standing in a room watching a bunch of males rocking out to a song about slicing them into bloody gut pieces and enjoying it. (If they actually allow themselves to admit what’s going on, they may have to admit that they will be fighting that battle for the rest of their lives, and that’s just too damn depressing to contemplate.)

  2. I’m also wondering how many metal boys would say I’m just some whiny bitch who’s complaining about stupid stuff. When they rage against darkness, it’s some noble bullshit. When a woman rages against the darkness we’re surrounded by from cradle to grave, suddenly raging against darkness isn’t that cool.

    To any little baby metal boy who pats himself on the back over his metal “rage” and his metal “darkness”: you have no fucking idea what rage or darkness are. Fucking amateur.

  3. I’m with you. Don’t feel you have to apologise, you’re right, and your anger is entirely justified. I intend to get into this more in the last post on this topic, but the rage and frustration women feel at living this way tends to get laughed off by dudes in metal and more generally. But it could serve as the basis for a truly angry, truly dangerous new path for metal to follow- certainly far more than the stereotypical gore or fantasy lyrics.

  4. I think you’re all forgetting that most of Cannibal Corpses lyrics are about Zombies doing this shit to people{including the rape songs about women}.
    It’s ironic that in 20 some years of Corpse and Corpse like bands writing such songs that not a single person who listens to this music has EVER notably did any of the stuff that’s in their songs{including rape} or has been inspired by their songs to do such stuff; quite the oppposite. Most fans of Corpse are normal, sane, empathic and anti-sexist individuals, because they GET IT! It’s just death metal, if you take the subject matter of horror movie bands LIke Corpse seriously, you need to grow up and get over it. Even some feminists get it{even some not into death metal; I have a close friend who’s a feminist and she is not a fan of metal AT ALL, she’s into electronica and dance,etc, her fave singer is Bjork; and she’s not very offended by cannibal corpse or band slike them, she gets it!}.
    I remember when the editor of “Metal Maniancs” Katherine Ludwig{who was big feminist} in the 90’s would rarely if ever feature anything in the zine about Corpse because of their lyrics. She allowed her ideology to cause her to censorship of extreme metal bands in an extreme metal zine, your types are much the same as she, you would seek censorship and scapegoating as well.

    I find it ironic the feminist death metallers/etc would be okay wuth songs about MURDER but not songs about rape. What makes rape WORSE than MURDER{no longer existign, having your life brutally taken from you, non-existance}. Rape is a horrible thing, but you never hear feminist whine about rape jokes made about gang rapes of men in jails.
    It’s horrible, but how is BEING ALLOWED TO LIVE though being raped not ok for extreme music and extgreme horror movies,etc and even torture is “ok” in those contexts, but rape ISN’T? IT’s shock value that’s all.
    And frankly these lyrics generally make rape and murder of women{or children or men} seem like a horrible thing and are not trying to defend such actions; anymore than Slayers “angel of death” was trying to glorify the holocaustr or make light of it, it was describing..that’s all, same with most of Corpses stuff,etc.

    I am a gender egalitarian, I believe in womens rights activism/suffrage{where applicable; mianly in non-western cultures and in amongst certain religious subcultures in the west}} and also mens rights activism{where applicable; mainly in the west where feminism has caused many to demonize/scapegoat men and men alone for all the horrible things, especially fopr things such as domestic violence…whilst ignoring the fact that at least 49% of domestic violence victims are males at the hands of females; and ignoring several other areas in which men and boys are unequal in western society and blaming males alone for it all}; there is no patraiarchy anymore in the west, we have a situation where womens activists managed to destroy most of the wests patriarchal ways{which is good} and then “feminists”{not about equallity for women where aplicable, but rather a sexist hypocritical gender-cult} have sadly managed to take it further than equality and get women/girls many special privelages in the west and to convinve the govt and media to scapegopat men and men alone for domesyic violence and many other things and to ignore the ways in which men and boys are now unequal and indeed in some ways…always were{men have ALWAYS been expendable, it was men who fought and died in and killed in wars through history to protect whom?…Their land but especially to protect females. If you think Females did’nt have evolutionary based reasons to exploit males to be expendable to protect them through history and did’nt equally choose until recent era to allow and have males be expendable.
    Furthermore, even in oh so patriarchal fundy christian europe during the dark ages/etc there were, as there had always been, many powerful/rich/privelages women/females, how do you think the first serial killer of note- Elizabeth Bathory managed to evade cpature for so many years while she killed hundreds of young victims? Because she was a countess/rich and powerful, they suspecyted her but could not capture her for years because of her privelage. How come modern third wave femonists never talk about this and the fact that there have always been privelahed males AND FEMALES and under-privelaged females AND MALES? How come you never talk about THESE THINGS, that for the most part societys elites only goal as ever has always been classism/heirarchy..they have never really cared abaout gender or race, though they’ve manipulated the sexism and racism of the under-educated poorer masses. You never talk about how in oh so patriarchal dark age europe a women was allowed to lead an Army and did so very well= Joan of Arc.
    These facts are conveinent for feminists to either deny or ignore whilst they go about blaming males and males alone for all the bad shit in the world and that men alone are victimizers and oppressors and females alone are the vitims of the big bad male-kind!

    I love Corpse. They are death metal geniuses. But you know what it IS true that extreme metal has a significant list of bands that have mysoginistic lyrics{not serious for most of them, just for shock value..because they ARE AFTER ALL- DEATH METAL/BLACK METAL/EXTREM METAL!
    There are few female bands in extreme metal that do really misandric lyrics. Frankly, I would welcome and would love to see a female cannibal corpse that had female zombies and psychos dooing the shit to male victims in their lyrics that Cannibal have about women in some of their early albums songs! I’d love to see this, even though I’m a anti-misandrist and anti-sexist and believe in Mens rights activism; just as I love Corpse even though they have some very mysognistic/sexist lysrics and I oppose sexism and misogyny.

    Feminists{or anyone else; including men offended by a hypothetitical misandric lyrics female gorey/horror death metal band} } offended by bands like Corpse and don’t vet the inherent non-serious shcok value joke are missing the point and are as silly and hyporitical as anyone who finds shock value cartoons like “south park” or “family guy” offensive!

    BTW, Grindcore sucks! Except for maybe a few bands in the genre{Most Notably legends “Napalm Death”}-mostly ones that are death/grind crosspvers. If you’re gonna compare a band such as Pig Destoyer to Cannibal Corpse I’m gonna laugh at you as I would if you say compared a nu-metal band like LImp Bizkuit to and Iron Maiden to Judas Priest. There is no comparison!

    • Lord knows why a months old blog post by some nobody has got you writing so long a response. Lord knows why I felt the urge to publish your comment, given that it contains no valid insight and essentially boils down to a whine from someone who can’t handle a band he likes being critiqued. I couldn’t even make my way through more than half of your poorly reasoned, poorly argued ramblings, and I can’t be bothered to spend time seriously refuting it because that would imply there was anything in it worth treating as a serious argument. All I will say is this- you cannot call yourself a gender egalitarian in one breath and express support for Men’s Rights Activism in the next. Anyone genuinely concerned with equality would not support a movement that is devoted to preserving male privilege, that perceives the modest gains made by the modern feminist movement as somehow “going too far” and putting men at a disadvantageous position in society. That alone removes any right you had to be taken seriously by anyone.

      • Oh come on, NO valid insight?
        Whining about one of jmy fave bands being critiqued?

        I don’t have a problem with my fave bands being critiqued, if those critiques and valid, reasonable, and RELEVANT to civil critiques of the bands music{ie: “such and such bands new album is good, a 6 out of ten, the guitars are a little off but everything else is good,etc,etc” or “such and such a band are not my cup of tea musically, but the mucicianship is skilled enough or innovative enough”,etc}.
        What we’re talking about here is you totally discrediting, scapegoating/demonizing a DEATH METAL band{and their fans} because the lyrical content you don’t agree with. WEll, hellooo…that’s what DEATH METAL does…shocks{and/or is for those with a morbid sense of humor} that’s what it IS, this isnt bubblegum pop music, it’s DEATH METAL and it’s called that for a reason.
        I see you are a death metal or extreme metal fan, so how do you miss my point when I said that it’s ironic that you’re fine with violent-murder/death and destruction and pseudo-satanic lyrical nonsense in extrem metal, but rape no, that’s going to far! How is rape going to far but MURDER isn’t?

        You’re using Cannibal Corpse has some sort of attempt to use it as evidence for a non-existant “rape culture”.
        I mean you may as well use corpse and death metal to show as evidence for the existance of some significant cannibal culture, or use pseudo-satanic reverse christian devil worship lyrics and subject matter of pseudo-satanic bands as evidence for “baby sacrificing, genocidal devil worship”.
        And you don’t see the fallacious logic in this?
        So, you’re totally discrediting a band that isn’t serious lyrically but are serious and by most experts accounts are some of the best musicians in metal and hard rock music{at least their last several albums have alot of musical skill, earlier ones a little less but still of great musical skill potential} and you’re dooing it to use thek as a prop , or evidence submitted , for alarmist reasons to defend the idea that there is some significant “rape culture” and Corpse and their fans and other band similar are part of the problem causing or contributing to it{never mind that most extreme metalheads/death metal fans don’t rape, and most rapists and killers and so on are not metalheads/deatl metal fans}. You may as well say that the TV Show “criminal minds” causes or contributes to “psychopathic serial killer culture” for all the gore and violence and murder on it, or if not them than horror movies…freddy, jason, hellraiser, zombie movies- they cause/contribute to “psychopathic murderer culture”.
        Do you not see the fallacious reasoning in this?

        YOU SAID: “All I will say is this- you cannot call yourself a gender egalitarian in one breath and express support for Men’s Rights Activism in the next. Anyone genuinely concerned with equality would not support a movement that is devoted to preserving male privilege, that perceives the modest gains made by the modern feminist movement as somehow “going too far” and putting men at a disadvantageous position in society. ”

        Those are strawman accusations. Are SOME Mens rights activists also masculists and using the movement as an excuse to be sexist towards women? Yes{not most, but some are sexist masculists}. In the same way SOME womens righs activists{but not all} are sexist feminists; in both cases the fault of both is that they are gender-centric, reactionary and fueled by hidden sexist anger at the other gender in general. But many mens rights activists and MRA-ism in itself are NOT those things, most are not sexist angry androcentric reactionary masculists. Just as many if not most womens rights activists are sexist angry gynocentric reactionary feminists.

        If you did some more objective cross-referanced research into male inequalities and injustices suffered as much as you do into reciting the radical 3rd wave feminist party line and cliches and could evaluate and critique things, including other ideologies using evidence and reason rather than shallow rhetorical tricks you might alter your opinions. How can you ignore so blatantly, turn such a callous heart to males whom are violently abused by wives/GF’s{or female friends and aquantaices}, that it is nearly 50/50 for both males and females in domestic violence, yet the anti-domestic violence industry{and modern feminist mainstream} acts as if males alone are victimzers in domestic abuse/violence and females{and children} are the victims always, all the ads and info put out allmost ALL of them suggest this and ignore that half of the victims are males at female hands and that allmost half of children abused are abused by their mothers and the other half by the fathers. No. according to you guys only or mostly only menm abuse children, which is sexist ignorance or a bald-faced lie. How can you ignore that the legal ystem in the west makes fathers have to prove themselves to be worthy of access to their own children much more than they make mothers have to do so, in which in most{not all} cases the mother gets de-facto initial custody and the father has to proive himself{but she does’nt/}
        How can you turn the cold shoulder to the fact that girls are outperferming boys in public schools and the reason for this is because of all the ‘girl power” ands all the image issue and self-esteems help/programs goes to girls and ignores boys self-esteem needs and image issues, whilst teaching boys to have male guilt{even simply dooing things like telling boys “never hit girls” but not telling girls “never hit boys”}and to treat females always with more deferance then they treat themselv es or other boys/men.
        How can you deny the fact that through history Men have always been treated as expendable to be the ones do die in wars and so on to protect the homeland and the WOMEN and children. Do you think this was always and merely because the patriarchy was ok with their own gender dying and being mentally fucked up by war but not the other gender? Do you not think that perhaps women also preferred this and allowed
        Or how even today you always here “women first”{and “children first”- which is good of course; but how come never “men and children” especially when innocent lives are at risk, women are more worthy of the privelage of being released or helped first or have the first dibs at continued life whilst men are expendable; why do males{men and boys} always have to be the expendable gender?

        You cannot ignore the mountains of evidence for the above facts. If you do, then you obviously don’t give much of a shit about men/boys, not nearly as much as you do about women/girls.

        Thing is, I personally care as much about women/girls and their human rights as I do men/boys. And I try and even it all out.
        I support fully womens/girls rights suggragism/activism in various 3rd world or theocratic countries and those here that would fight for and stand up for them. Also for those living in certain fundamentalist religious subcultures here in the west.
        I care about the fact that in North America and the west womens breats are still so feared. I find it absurd that men can be topless on tv, in public,etc, and that women can’t{or even where they can be looked down upon if they act out that right}. I have great empathy for women who are raped, beatan, killed, suffer domestic abuse/violence,etc, just as much{and not more or less} as I have for the many people of my own gender that suffeer these things, and as I care about a few valid womens issues, I also think mens issues have some validity as well.

        I make a difference between womens rights activism and “feminism”, I oppose the 2nd but support the first. Just as I support mens rights activism and oppose “masculism”. In both cases one is a sexist gender-centric cult ideology full of hypocrisies and holes{feminism and masculism}, but womens rights activism and MRA are both valid and have valid concerns, but also have some extremists amongs them that are obviousy just sexist hypocrities pissed at the other whole gender and scapegoating them all.

        Is it so wrong to be balanced? To demand equal empathy for BOTH genders{as well as the inter-gendered/transgendered of course}?

        Of course the main point here is that Corpses lyrics are not valid evidence of “rape culture” and that it is hypocritical to demonize a band{in extreme metal} or discredit them because “some” of their songs feature rape, while thinking that other extreme bands that talk about death and murder and violence and other forms of cruelty amongst humans or even things such as horror movies and gorey police and medical dramas on tv are tolerable,etc. I say this because you are obviously a fan of grindcore and probably some death and other subgeneres of extrem metal and don’t seem to have a problem with their violence/murder and destriuction and death laden subject matter, but somehow doing songs that feature rape are going to far.

        I do want to thank you for allowing my posts to be up on your blog so your readers can read and decide for themselves as to whether anything I say has any validity or to agree upon.
        I came upon this post and only posted a comment to it now because I was just doing a google search and it came up.

        “That alone removes any right you had to be taken seriously by anyone.”

        Another logically fallacious, double standarded argument.

        Will Baker

  5. Cannibal Corpse are “rape apologists” in the same sense Slayer are “Nazi’s/Nazi apologists”{for writing a tune about the horrors of the holocaust}. This is something the dense author of this article clearly doesn’t get or willfully ignores.
    This is one of the stupidest radical feminist articles I’ve ever read, the author[a supposed a metalhead} clearly doesn’t get the point of Cannibal Corpses lyrics at all!!!
    Corpse are a horror band, they write horrific lyrics and have horrific covers the same way a horror movie has horrific things in it or a horror novel does. Is Clive Barker a promoter of torture and murder? Is Wes Craven a pedophile apologist or torture and murder apologist for making his freddy movies? Of course not.
    Nor are corpse rape apologists or part of some ‘rape culture”.
    This is the point you willingly ignore to create your article based on strawman logic.

  6. Omg. Foucauldian bullshit and victimhood at its best.

    This kanto-foucauldian moral is exasperating. We entered the era of whining where the Olson effect is the law.

    You want to fight for women rights ? Fight the pigs that excise women, fight the sexist religious ideologies.

    I’ve some reading for you :
    And if you want to learn how to think :

  7. You really need to learn to grasp the concept of context.

    There is no rape culture apologism problem in death/metal. Just as most death metal aint misogynistic; you can harp on bands like Cannibal Corpse for that shit and miss the context of their lyrics and imagery and the fact that their lyrics are just horror movie music, they talk about murdering men, women, and children, they talk about zombie holocaust and they talk about cannibalism and necrophilia and pedophilia and rape and so on. I mean Corpse also have a few songs that talk about sexually brutalizing men too such as “blunt force castration”. They no more promote some imaginary ‘rape culture” or are rape apologists than they promote or are “cannibal apologists” or ‘necropedophile apologists” or “zombie apocalypse apologists.

    The same is true with black metal. Black metalers generally promote hate and anger in a general misanthropia, some promote social Darwinism, but racial supremacism is rare in the black metal. apart from the NSBM scene which is small and the rest of the black metal scene tends to look donn upon, for their collectivist stupidity and hypocrisy. They’re mostly indivdualists, they don’t care about race or gender.

    If you cannot grasp these distinctions and contexts then you shouldn’t be listening to metal in the first place.

    You have a stick up your ass like the religious right wing did in the 80s when they picked on metal during the satanic panic and all that. Your the same shit..different pile.

    If you cannot grasp these things, then you should stop pretending to be a metalhead

    Cannibal Corpse: Blunt force castration

  8. Cannibal Corpse- ‘blunt force castration:

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