Cop Problem- Buried Beneath White Noise on Invisible Oranges

Just a quick post to link my readers (all both of them) to a great little EP by a Philadelphia hardcore band called Cop Problem, and a thoughtful writeup of it on the Invisible Oranges metal blog. As my previous articles show, I’m more optimistic about the possibilities of politically-driven metal than IO reviewer Doug Moore, but even he admits that “(e)ven if such bands fail to achieve their overt goals, this stuff still appeals, and maybe for relatively obvious reasons. Politics makes for grittier subject matter than many stock metal topics do, for one thing. The emotional stakes are higher, and the subject matter is real-er, in even an ineffective polemic than in a song about Satan or dragons or what have you.” I expressed a similar opinion in my first article on the site, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses.

I’m not going to spend too much time reviewing the EP here, as Moore does a far better job than I could manage. Suffice to say, it’s a short, sharp shock in the punk tradition: a 4-song blast of politically-driven rage, singer Deb Cohen shouting over the fray in a relatively discernable bark, all the better to catch her bilious lyrics. It’s great, basically, and I’m already impatient to hear what else Cop Problem will produce in future.

Check out the full stream of Cop Problem’s Buried Beneath White Noise EP on Invisible Oranges here.

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