Inquisition and black metal’s fascism problem


It was only at the end of last year that I became aware of US black metal band Inquisition, thanks to the appearance of their latest album Obscure Verses for the Multiverse on numerous critics’ end-of-year lists. Upon first listening, the main things that struck me included the oddly croaky, reptilian voice of singer/guitarist Jason Weirbach (aka Dagon), as well as the fact that all the songs sounded quite samey, given the ubiquity of their monolithic assemblage of thick riffs and relentless blastbeats. Quickly though, I grew to appreciate the band’s unique sound, and delved further into their back catalogue. This did lead me to develop some concerns about their material, the song “Crush the Jewish Prophet” from Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer being the most obvious example. If the song was an anti-Christian critique in the black metal tradition, as it appeared to be based on its lyrics, why was it necessary to centre Jesus’ ethnicity in the title, unless the band felt this too was something to criticise? But, caught up in the music, I didn’t worry too much about this.

Until, that is, I saw a thread concerning the band on a friend’s Facebook page earlier this month. It was here that a man named Daniel Gallant, formerly a white supremacist himself, called Inquisition’s members (Weirbach and drummer Thomas Stevens, aka Incubus) out as Nazis. When asked to elaborate on this, he stated the following:

“I was a white supremacist for many years. I have been out for twelve years. I drove the bus for an Inquisition tour. When I suspected they were white power, because I was driving for my friends band Gyibaaw, a First Nations band, I decided to prove it.

I pulled off my t shirt and there it was…my giant swastika for them all to see…they clapped and cheered…Inquisition (both Tom and Jason) were thrilled.

They boasted about their admiration for Hitler, how they loved the white power movement, and had many friends from South America and Everett, Washington…turns out we had mutual acquaintances. Tom used to hang out with the World Church of the Creator and still boasts his admiration for the church. Jason boldly stated he loves imagining living in the Nazi era and wished that would happen in America. They ranted until I shut them down.

The band Gyibaaw were grossly offended to the point of backing away from the black metal scene because of it.”

I realise that not all readers will be convinced by the personal testimony of one individual. It is a known fact, however, that the band has associated with the white supremacist Antichrist Kramer, commissioning him to create artwork for the 2010 reissue of their first full length album Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult. Kramer has been deeply involved in the National Socialist black metal movement, putting out music by openly white supremacist and/or anti-Semitic groups on his label Satanic Skinhead Propaganda (as documented in this article). It seems unlikely that Inquisition’s members would be unaware of his leanings, or that they would associate with him unless they were sympathetic to his beliefs*.

Sadly, this kind of ideological association is not unheard of within metal, especially black metal. The subgenre has long been a hotbed for reactionary political viewpoints, perhaps because of the anti-modern standpoint many of its bands employ, its reverence for “paganism” and other traditionally-minded cultural trends that have also been co-opted by fascists, and the reactionary nature of not only its ideological position but also its musical form. The Second Wave of black metal started, after all, as a reaction against death metal, with many bands deliberately hearkening back to earlier forms of metal and forsaking technique and polished production in favour of a “primitive” sound. It’s not surprising that this inclination would also create room for fascist ideology to spread- both spring from a reaction against modernity, as elucidated in point 2 of Umberto Eco’s analysis of the uniting ideology of fascist movements here.

Despite knowing about this trend within black metal, however, it was still an unpleasant shock to discover that a band I enjoyed subscribed to fascism. My immediate reaction was a feeling of shame, and anger at myself for not having investigated the group’s background. In the past I had made it a point to avoid music created by neo-Nazis or white supremacists, even in cases like Burzum where people insisted the music was good even if band leader Varg Vikernes was a virulent bigot. I smugly stuck to the position that I wouldn’t listen to Nazis’ music because it was shit anyway, the product of idiotic skinheads who could barely string two chords together. But this was confounded by Inquisition’s technically adept, well-written and well-recorded output. I had been simplifying reality to fit my own preconceptions.

More than anger at my self, though, I felt angry that the band’s fascist leanings were not more widely known. This is a group that has gained increasing media attention in recent years, their latest album having been reviewed in mainstream publications such as Pitchfork, but as far as I can tell metal journalists have yet to seriously question Inquisition on their views or their links to open white supremacists like Antichrist Kramer. How hard would it have been for the interviewer in this Invisible Oranges article, for example, to seriously interrogate Weirbach about the message of “Crush the Jewish Prophet”, instead of just accepting his equivocation? Do these writers not care about the expression of bigoted views, as long as they like the music? It’s hard to escape the conclusion that they don’t.

Even though I hadn’t paid for any of their music,  I didn’t want to support Inquisition in any way after finding out about their Nazi sympathies. I eventually decided to delete them from my music library and stop listening to them entirely. I do still find myself asking whether this was necessary. Fascist or white supremacist rhetoric is not central to their message or lyrics, which tend instead to focus on the conventional black metal concern of Satanism as expressed through astrological and cosmological imagery. Perhaps the band is canny enough to realise that openly expressing their views would limit their appeal or get them into trouble; perhaps they ascribe to the wider metal world’s liberal conviction that music is no place for politics. In any case, I usually hold to the idea that it’s OK to enjoy art and media with problematic elements, or which has been created by objectionable or even bigoted artists, as long as we acknowledge those problems and don’t shut down criticism of them. But for me, personally, a line has to be drawn somewhere. Art created by Nazis, fascists and/or white supremacists is on the side of the line I do not wish to set foot in.

This is not what I would consider a hypocritical position. Fascist ideology- insofar as it is a coherent ideology- is inherently violent in a way other political alignments are not, rooted in the rhetoric of destroying any element of society deemed undesirable. As Eco notes, diversity is conceptualised in fascism as a symptom of modernist decadence; and since fascism worships action for action’s sake and violent struggle as an inherent part of life, Nazi or white supremacist movements are ideologically driven to commit violence against members of any group outside their own. While the rhetoric of neo-Nazis and/or white supremacists within black metal is often mainly focused against Jewish people, it is naive to think that violence will be used solely against one group if this rhetoric is tolerated, especially when hatred of marginalised groups such as people of colour, LGBT people and disabled people is accepted even within mainstream society. Even a band like Inquisition that doesn’t openly espouse fascist rhetoric can still cause harm to members of persecuted groups. Gallant’s story shows how Weirbach and Stevens’ open expression of admiration for the Nazis led to the First Nations band Gyibaaw turning away from black metal, closing the door on an opportunity for that group to counter the genre’s overwhelmingly white demographic and tendency to champion or tolerate extreme right views. If we give our money to musicians with fascist leanings, we don’t just support them financially, we send a message to them that their extreme views will not cause them to be criticised, that their views are therefore acceptable. The same act also sends the message to minority groups that we care more about music than about making sure that fascist and white supremacist ideologies are not tolerated or allowed to spread. In a sense, we choose our own enjoyment over people’s safety, over their right to live free from fear of ideologies that call for their destruction.

I urge anyone who cares about making metal a space which is open to and safe for marginalised groups of people to, at the very least, abstain from paying for Inquisition’s albums or live shows. I wouldn’t want to force anyone to stop listening to the band’s music entirely as I have done; this is obviously a matter of personal choice. But please do consider whether it is worth it to add to the popularity of a band that holds these views- not just Inquisition, but any band in black metal or the wider genre who subscribes to fascist, white supremacist or Nazi standpoints. There’s enough excellent music out there being made by musicians who do not align themselves with dangerous, hate-fuelled ideologies.


* It is also worth noting that Inquisition’s Jason Weirbach runs a side project titled 88MM. In the simple alphanumeric cypher that passes for a secret code among neo-Nazi groups, this number represents the letters HH, or “Heil Hitler”.

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  1. Reblogged this on #SFTU: Scholar(s) from the Underground and commented:
    This is a blog article I was interviewed for, which is about a nazi black metal band:

    Here is an interview with Gyibaaw on CBC about tho every topic:
    I wrote articles about this band a could of years ago, I took them down as I am now writing a book on this subject.

    I am so pleased to finally see that this information is being used by someone else.

    • As someone on your article has already called you out, you present absolutely NO evidence to your claims, and you even go so far as to absurdly label Blasphemy as a neo-nazi band. Blasphemy, a band who publicly decried the beating of Rodney King by the LAPD. They are somehow a white-supremacist band. And let’s just forget about Caller of the Storms all together. Or when a member of Blasphemy used a vodka bottle on K.K. Warslut after he asked why they “have nigger in the band” (sic). Yeah, that totally sounds like the hallmark of a neo-nazi white supremacist band. Thanks but no thanks, you’re less than a reputable source for news on these matters.

    • You’re probably not reading any of these comments, which is a shame… I understand — no one really wants to hear that their arguments are misguided, poorly thought out/worded. It’s a sting to the ego. I get it. But to not read them is pretty silly — not to say they are all perfectly logical, or even will make sense to you. I don’t fully agree that politics shouldn’t be involved in black metal, because they are and always have been. I don’t accept any oppression into my life that I’m not ready for. However, that doesn’t mean I agree that trying to lead a charge making black metal “better” or “more forward thinking” makes any sense at all; which I think is the evident thrust of a lot of your posts on this blog. I don’t care what your background or listening habits are, your words speak quite loudly and betrays a pretty large gap in your knowledge. And listening and liking a large amount of metal doesn’t really give you any authority over it, nor does it obviously make you an expert. If you keep writing articles that are ignorant, while relying on hearsay, and secondary sources, while propagating a vague “inclusivity” you’re not going to really achieve your goal of whatever it is you are trying to achieve (social justice? maybe you should actually get out there and volunteer at your leftist infoshop, join some groups– that’s what I do). The problem isn’t that people, ” can’t imagine someone who loves metal but is still willing to engage with it critically and call out the shittier aspects.” That’s almost all metal heads do, but they do it from a clearly more nuanced position, where they understand and love the tenants that are steeped in all the scary horror movie, shitty political imagery and lousy grammar that you have said you hate. That’s metal. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but that’s it in a nutshell. You can’t wish and complain a genre based on things you don’t like to be something completely different. Otherwise it wouldn’t be what it is.

      Not only that, just because you don’t know about progressive, forward thinking, inclusive or whatever bands, doesn’t mean they don’t exist (there are MANY in the black metal scene, and in other genres, and they really aren’t that hard to find; but I guess you just started listening to Inquisition so…); THAT is why a lot of people are feeling chafed and saying you’re a tourist. You wouldn’t be a dilettante if you didn’t sound like one. Who knows, man. You love metal. Good. You don’t like nazis. Ok, join the club. But trying to police a genre (that if you really did know as well as you think you do, insofar as you’ve made blog that centers on it) that is based on all the nasty shit most of us don’t really want in our lives is total folly, and betrays a total lack of historical understanding.

      Again, I’m all for gender/race/class equality. I work for it in my daily life. I DO NOT EXPECT that out of black metal. I don’t look for it within black metal. To complain about fascist imagery or questionable politics within the black metal scene is like complaining that abstract expressionism is too gestural. It doesn’t mean you have to support nazis or accept bullshit ideologies in your life, but maybe you’re better off not getting involved. By all means, stop listening to Inquisition for whatever reason you want. I’m not sure they need your support anyway. But moreover, PLEASE stop trying to help something that doesn’t need your help. Or if you want to complain and criticize look a little deeper, go to some shows, ask some people why they are interested in what they’re interested in. Maybe you’ll learn something.

  2. Full Metal Attorney

    Very eloquent. However, I disagree.

    As a Christian who finds himself drawn to all kinds of extreme metal, I find I dealt with the question of noxious lyrics early in my metal journey. I simply find lyrics or political stances irrelevant to the art. I can respect your view, but so long as it remains just a view (regardless of its emphasis on action) I don’t see a problem. Metal hasn’t been associated with racial hate crimes so much as church burnings. The anti-Christian side of it has resulted in real action, so is the only proven risk.

    • “I simply find lyrics or political stances irrelevant to the art.”

      This way of thinking seems common in metal, and I never understood it. Do we generally agree that vocals are a part of the song? If so, how are the lyrics that shape those vocals, and the words that are intentionally chosen by the artist to exist indefinitely as part of that recording, irrelevant to the art? To me, it seems just like saying “the blue brush strokes are irrelevant to the painting.” Not trying to troll; I genuinely want to hear an intelligent metalhead’s rationale so I can understand it.

  3. To illustrate, consider this: People get really upset about horse slaughter. All kinds of people get upset about that. Very few people get upset about the slaughter of cattle. To those people, they simply can’t understand why people will be upset about one but not the other. That’s where I find myself on this whole debate. Anti-Christian lyrics are just as wrong (if not moreso) than racist lyrics. (Which is not even to touch on rampant, violent misogyny, especially in death metal.) To see people struggling to draw a distinction among these different evils is confounding, to say the least.

    • Unfortunately, racial hate crimes and metal have sometimes been associated. According to Twitter friends an Asian man was recently attacked at a gig by Taake, another black metal band with Nazi associations, to give just one example.
      I really have to dispute your assertion that anti-Christian themes in metal lyrics are as bad as, or worse than, fascist sympathies. At least in the Western world, Christians are not persecuted for their beliefs in the same way that people of colour, LGBT people, the disabled, members of minority religions etc etc are persecuted simply for existing. There are of course countries in the world where the Christian religion is oppressed, but heavy metal doesn’t have anything to do with justifying said oppression as far as I know. Anti-Christian themes in metal do not get expressed in a wider cultural context that is hostile to Christianity, whereas more often than not this is the case for racist, misogynist homophobic etc etc themes (I didn’t highlight in this blog the massive problems I have with misogynist imagery in metal, but I’ll definitely agree with you that that too is an aspect of the genre that needs to go away as soon as possible).
      I don’t think I will be able to convince you that a band’s lyrics or their underlying ideology can have an impact on the world, but this is a firm belief of mine, and I feel like I adequately explained this position in the blog post. If these issues are not something that concerns you then fair enough, but I think it’s clear that hateful ideologies can result in real-word violence if they are allowed to remain in any community, metal or otherwise.

      • Full Metal Attorney

        You were quite well-spoken and your position well-explained. You’re right to say our positions are too fundamentally different to allow for much meaningful give-and-take. (Notably, you argument against the harm of anti-Christianity completely misses the point, but then I would expect that of any non-Christian.) I just thought I’d point out the absurdity in trying to draw lines in the sand or find positivity in a genre largely built on representing itself as negative.

    • Christianity is an ideology that anyone can choose to respect or not, because it is essentially words in a book, called the Bible, depicting characters and ideas. Kinda like Lord of the Rings. Some people believe they’re elves or that Gandalf will arrive at the last moment to save the day. But he won’t, he’s just words on a page, nothing more, and hating or loving him for it is kind of pointless, saying “I hate Gandalf” is as pointless as saying “I Hate god”.
      Which is absolutely and totally different to expressing hate of a race of flesh and blood people who can experience the negative effects of that hate, as did the people during the genocide in Burundi during the 90’s for instance, or hate that drove the witch hunts for that matter. And in that same vein I can agree with you regarding misogyny.

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  5. To Full Metal Attorney I would just simply reply, Anders Breivik, Wade Michael Page, Timothy McVeigh, and most recently Glen Miller…but feel free to cite a non-Muslim World related, Western example of actual premeditated violence against Christians.

  6. Full Metal Attorney

    I was talking about metal.

  7. To Full Metal Attorney: “Anti-Christian lyrics are just as wrong (if not moreso) than racist lyrics.” I don’t see how this is the case, there are a tonne of anti-Christian bands, social groups, etc. but I’m unaware of any who call for the destruction of Christians, or Christianity. This is different from fascism by a very wide margin.

    • Full Metal Attorney

      You not only miss the point entirely, you also seem to be pretty ignorant of what black metal bands preach.

  8. “…but I’m unaware of any who call for the destruction of Christians, or Christianity.”

    Are you kidding? There are tons.

    Additionally, to the main point of the article, this is extreme music, so extreme opinions are part of it. Of course this article, however technically well-written, is still horribly misinformed. Two examples:

    1. Antichrist Kramer is not a white supremacist. He believes in pure hatred, so he will use any means necessary to be hateful toward anyone. He has a Mexican band on his label, among other nationalities. There is a new Intolitarian track that says “there is no white supremacy” right in the beginning. Do some real research before knee-jerking around like everyone else.

    2. “Fascist ideology…is inherently violent in a way other political alignments are not, rooted in the rhetoric of destroying any element of society deemed undesirable.” If this is your logic to stop listening to a band, you cannot listen to straightedge hardcore, or leftist bands that support AntiFa – supposedly means “antifacism” – who like to bomb record shops and show up to “nazi” (whatever they disagree with) concerts and beat people into believing their worldview.

    Again, if you root out all music that disagrees with your view, I appreciate the honesty of your approach. But, as with most, I bet that’s not the case. Please do prove me wrong. You do seem more intelligent than most that write about this sort of thing.

    • Well, it is true that bands in black metal do call for the destruction of Christianity- saying that they aren’t there is inaccurate. But I still don’t believe that this is equivalent to music that preaches hatred against marginalised groups. As I said to Full Metal Attorney, American and European society does not encourage or tolerate violence against Christians to the same extent that it ignores or tacitly condones violence against Jewish or Muslim people, let alone people of colour, LGBT people or the disabled. It is unlikely that anti-Christian metal will inspire real-life violence against Christians, whereas there is still a great deal of hatred, covert or overt, against the aforementioned marginalised groups even in mainstream discourse that fascist groups can tap into. There is at least a theoretical difference.

      I have to disagree with the view that Antichrist Kramer can’t be a white supremacist if he’s signed a Mexican band. Compromise on these matters is not unheard of. Daniel Gallant, who having once moved in white supremacist circles likely knows a thing or two about them, said this to me on the subject: “Right wing extremists who are neo-Nazi do often have non-white alliances with others who share anti-Semitic beliefs and views. This was also true for the German WWII regime, who had non-Aryan alliances. There is a public misconception about what right wing extremist and or terrorists are, and what they are not.” The mere presence of a non-white band on Kramer’s label does not immediately stop him being a white supremacist- he might be prepared to overlook the fact the band is non-white if they agree with his views.

      As a matter of fact, I don’t listen to that many straight-edge hardcore bands at all, let alone ones involved in violence. I maintain that left-wing ideology does not have violence in its ideological framework in the same way fascism does, however. Certainly left wing talk of revolution etc is often violent. But it is violence for a purpose, to achieve a better world. We can agree or disagree on whether that violence is ever justified, of course- I’d like to believe transformative revolution can be achieved without violence. Fascism, by contrast cannot imagine a world without violence it exists to legitimise violence against people already marginalised in society, whereas violent leftist action is at least nominally aimed at powerful ruling classes, or reactionary elements in society that prey upon the marginalised, such as fascist groups.

      • GreyAshPrayer

        Thanks for replying.

        “I maintain that left-wing ideology does not have violence in its ideological framework in the same way fascism does, however…but it is violence for a purpose, to achieve a better world.”

        Hitler also believed his was a revolution for a better world. This is a bad, borderline dangerous, argument.

        Fascism is not just a ‘white supremacy’ thing, as you mentioned above. Do you just gloss over the genocides of the Communist era? That wasn’t right-wing, so it was violence to achieve a better world? If not, what, at its core, makes your version of a better world superior to a ‘fascists’ version? You need to explain these things to hold your argument.

        Second, you ignored my point about Kramer flatly saying ‘there is no white supremacy’. You are making him out to be a liar to fit your own agenda. He is anti-Semitic. These are different things. Black and Arabic people can hate Jews too. I don’t agree with Kramer on this front, but morally, why is violent hatred for a ‘marginalized’ group worse from violent hatred of any other people? Humans are humans.

  9. “While the rhetoric of neo-Nazis and/or white supremacists within black metal is often mainly focused against Jewish people, it is naive to think that violence will be used solely against one group if this rhetoric is tolerated”

    So you’re fine with violence against jews as long as “marginalised groups such as people of colour, LGBT people and disabled people” are left alone, then?

    • I’m sorry for implying that. It wasn’t my intention to say that violent rhetoric is OK applied to Jewish people; rather that, while fascism starts off focusing on one group, its nature means it will move to attack any other group perceived as being outside a white norm. But my phrasing there does connote that it is somehow more acceptable for fascism to attack Jews. Jewish people have never not faced horrendous persecution and marginalisation, and fascist rhetoric still very often tends to aim at them first. Again, I apologise for implying that anti-Semitism is somehow less of a problem than other bigotries.

  10. To boil this down for those who don’t seem to get it, I was really only making one point, i.e., there’s lots of bad lyrics in metal. Drawing the line at “bad things directed at vulnerable minorities” is completely arbitrary. Torture and murder are torture and murder, regardless of motivation.

    The rest wasn’t my main point, but just an explanation of how I’ve understood the subject. To me, fascist/racist lyrics are just one more evil thing represented by metal. The point about anti-Christian lyrics specifically being worse is tangential even to that point. But if you’re still hung up on it, refer to my animal rights analogy. Then, if you must, understand that to an animal rights activist a cow and a horse are equally deserving of humane treatment, and to a Christian any evil directed at God Himself is either as bad as or worse than evil directed at our fellow man.

    • The problem is you’re trying to compare animal rights to holocaust victims – they just aren’t the same on any level. Anti-Christian lyrics are not the same as Anti-Semitic or Fascist lyrics, and what kind of brain dead moron would write “Fascist/Racist” lyrics to “sound more evil”? Are they 12 years old or something? Fascism and Racism are different.

      If anything I think they’re (like most bigots, racists, and fascists) complete cowards, too afraid to just come out and be open about their beliefs. Slate Christians or Jews all you want, but at least they have the bollocks to say “I’m a Christian” or “I’m a Jew” instead of putting hints in the lyrics and then slapping other racists on the back when they’re out of earshot of anyone.

      A couple of emotionally and intellectually deficient children in mens bodies, what a surprise.

      • Full Metal Attorney

        No, I didn’t compare the holocaust to animal rights. I think you’ve misunderstood the analogy profoundly.

    • totally not anon

      “Then, if you must, understand that to an animal rights activist a cow and a horse are equally deserving of humane treatment, and to a Christian any evil directed at God Himself is either as bad as or worse than evil directed at our fellow man.”

      The difference being, presumably, that humans can’t actually harm god, whereas material harm actually is done to people on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, etc. But I guess impotent flailing from anti-Christians is worse than being murdered by fascists?

  11. none so false

  12. For all the apologists deconstructing the arguments put forth, 88MM (Inquisitions Jason Weirbach’s side project) were put out on Antichrist Kramers label compilation “Satanic Skinhead: Declaration Of Anti-Semetic Terror”, which had a photo of holocaust victims on the cover. The song title was by 88MM was “14 Showerheads, 1 Gas Tight Door”, other tracks on the release include “Smash The Fucking Jewish Kikes” and “Antisemetic Fundamentalism”.

    Not really any question about it, the band are Nazi’s. If you don’t have a problem with Nazis, you’re a tool. By all means be open minded to new ideas, but Nazism and Fascism are full of indefensible rhetoric.

  13. you’re drawing a lot of conclusions instead of just emailing these individuals and receiving direct word on what you’re accusing them of. It’s sad, really- some millennial kid with too much time in his hands can hide behind a computer and ruin the careers people have been building since he was in diapers. I’m willing to bet that when you’re dealing with extreme individuals, there is a possibility for extreme reactions.

  14. Daniel Gallant needs to stop trying to make every black metal band out into Nazis (Remember your incident with falsely labeling AMSG and Begrime Exemious as nazi bands?), because that kind of bullshit can end a good bands career. The writer of this blog also needs to stop being offended by everything (first the Lord Mantis cover, now this) and do some research. Antichrist Kramer is no neo-nazi. Neither are the Inquisition guys. Maybe if you would grow the balls to actually speak to these bands instead of slinging shit over the internet you would know that.

    • Aggressive self-promoters gonna aggressively self-promote. (Loving that an ADMITTED Nazi is our go-to source for this stuff, when his whole process is apparently “went to a show, recognized a guy who was in the same place I was, didn’t bother to ask him about it.” (A test he, himself, would fail.)

  15. I think its shitty that you downloaded there music illegally no matter what way you look at it your a theif, I’m offended by thievery and I don’t think anybody should be reading a blog about music morals and fascism, your PC world of censorship is fascism. You sound like a fucking soccer mom do us all a favor and blow your head off or at the very least fuck off from the black metal scene. Or at least pay for the music:

  16. If you guys feel offended, well, you probably deserve it. Perhaps you should consider listening to some harmless power metal.

  17. Eyvindur Gauti

    This article shows well the view of many that it is okay to oppose a faceless institution/religious movement but as soon as you change some words out for others things aren’t as fun.

    “Even a band like Inquisition that doesn’t openly espouse fascist rhetoric can still cause harm to members of persecuted groups. Gallant’s story shows how Weirbach and Stevens’ open expression of admiration for the Nazis led to the First Nations band Gyibaaw turning away from black metal, closing the door on an opportunity for that group to counter the genre’s overwhelmingly white demographic and tendency to champion or tolerate extreme right views.”

    Aren’t you just saying that when faced with confrontation Gyibaaw chose not to accept it and move to other ventures that fit them better? No victory can be won without confronting what it is that you want to address. To expect everything to fall into place as you want it to without any effort is a very modern and western way of thinking.

    “If we give our money to musicians with fascist leanings, we don’t just support them financially, we send a message to them that their extreme views will not cause them to be criticised, that their views are therefore acceptable.”

    Hate sells. Murder sells. This is the reason you see non-white people in Burzum or Graveland t-shirts. People choose to see the art over the person.

  18. All this talk of fascism is petulant. Firstly, those to whom the label is applied, either self-referentially or externally, are generally nothing more than racists. Conservative racists, perhaps, but certainly not fascists in the truest sense of the word, which signifies a specific set of views on matters such as economy and governance. Are these supposed fascists advocated for the nationalization of major production industries and guaranteed jobs and medicine for members of their nation? No. Because they aren’t fascists, they are just ignorant racists.
    For myself, were I to ignore any musician whose ideology I find deplorable, I most likely only have silence to accompany me. In my mind, pacifist egalitarianism is as absurd as ideologies of racial supremacy. I listen to both anarcho-punk and NSBM on occasion, neither for their political ideologies.
    And it may be worth mentioning that I am a transgender individual in a relationship with a Jew who also listens to these things. We support the freedom of any idiot to express their views – that goes as much for the idiot racist scum as it does the privileged, smug, politically correct middle-class whites who dictate to others what is or is not acceptable.

  19. GreyAsh – This is bullshit:

    1. Antichrist Kramer is not a white supremacist. He believes in pure hatred, so he will use any means necessary to be hateful toward anyone. He has a Mexican band on his label, among other nationalities. There is a new Intolitarian track that says “there is no white supremacy” right in the beginning. Do some real research before knee-jerking around like everyone else.

    The fact that Kramer puts out neo-nazi material that endorses the viewpoints of the Church of the Creator and gives a voice to individuals who are not just sympathetic but actively violent against minorities (INCLUDING CHILDREN) is where you can do your “research,” not based on what he says on his “new track,” you apologist.

  20. KeepTouristsOutofBlackMetal

    This is the ultimate example of an outsider looking in. You say Kramer’s a white supremacist based on his releases and imagery, yet when confronted w/ releases and statements that oppose that view you call it a “compromise.” I’m just curious, how many times have you spoken w/ the man? Gone to shows where he’s been present? Listened to his releases, bands, etc…? You form these opinions as if you have some sort of insight when the reality is you have no understanding of black metal whatsoever. This music is about hatred, plain and simple. If you have an issue w/ that hatred being directed towards marginalized people, then you should look for a new genre. This music isn’t supposed to curb itself to your latest gender studies class, it’s supposed to be hate filled and offensive. Someone who feels ashamed at having enjoyed a band w/ potentially fascist leanings and consciously avoids listening to burzum because of Varg’s idiotic ideology has no place in black metal. You’re a tourist hoss, try and accept that and move on w/o writing about it.

  21. So let me get this straight. You never heard of them until their most recent album, and decided to steal their music instead of finding legitimate ways to listen to it. Then you start making assumptions because they have a song called “Crush The Jewish Prophet” and whine about it because “why did they have to bring his ethnicity into it?”. And by the way, Judaism is not an ethnicity, it’s a religion so good job on that one asshat. You base further arguments on them having artwork drawn by a white-supremacist one time and the testimony of some random dude who claims to have driven their bus one time and you decide to take action, so you delete all the music you stole from them from your hard drive and write a lengthy blog post about why everyone else should also decide not to support this band based on your assumptions about personal beliefs that they don’t promote in their music or interviews or anywhere else? Yeah, that’s not fascist or close minded at all. Be sure and let me know how your career as the thought police works out for you.


  23. Honestly, you are promoting a Black Metal that is inclusive and innocuous. That is exactly what destroys the genre and turns it into a commercial piece of crap. Black Metal in particular and Extreme Metal in general deal with feelings of hatred, despise, and permanent aggression. You cannot tame it, you cannot filter it and you cannot take out the directly nasty element. Somehow I cannot help but seeing the very hypocritical notion that fascism is not cool but open satanism and advocacy of crushing Christianity is. If you take Extreme Metal as just a harder, louder form of Heavy Metal, perhaps your notion of what the genre is about is not correct at all.

  24. 88MM is a fucking flak cannon, it has nothing to do with a nazi code. Although I suppose a bit of research is too much to ask.

    It also feels like you’re focusing an awful lot on a single song title. Did it occur to you that it was simply named to be as blasphemous and offensive as possible? After all, what is black metal but opposition to Christian Western values (because lets face it, most of them are angry white kids, so christianity/judaism is what they know and can lash out against) and the easiest way to get noticed is to be as offensive as possible.

    Boyd Rice frequently referred to Jesus as “that dead jew on a stick” and he isn’t a nazi either no matter how much various media try to paint him with that brush.

  25. Whow, you went as far as permanently deleting the files you illegaly downloaded? What a couragous age of self-sacrifice. Truely, the inherant power of nazism will end up weakened as a result…

    More seriously, I would have been impressed if you had, dunno, burnt down a LP, crushed a Cd, or even buried a tape. But it seems that for as much as you loved the band you weren’t even able to spend a penny to support their art.

    While you probably feel good to have acted this way now that you have found that the band’s music (and everything surrouding them I guess) is “forbidden” to you, I still think this is kinda lame.

    Ha, and on a legal standpoint, you probably are more of offender than Inquisition, who, if they indeed are “nazis”, never did anything to spread their beliefs (bar some light, punctual associations with actual “nazis”).

    The crux of the problem: Would you have been happier if they had written about the glory of Hitler and called for the murder of jews to start with or if they hadn’t started making music in the first place (out of shame I guess).

  26. Craig FUCKING Sielski

    Metal is for EVERYONE. BLACK METAL is NOT. Do not try to get all lovey dovey and promote unity in our scene. There are pleanty of SAFE BM bands like Dimmu Borgir and Styricon for the wimpy souled wanna-be’s………………leave the REAL Blackness, the REAL evil, The REAL music for us, the fans of the black arts. I also find it interesting that the writer of this article is a known ‘ramp informant’ and is under protection by the RCMP in Prince George. pretty easy to sling shit when under the watchful eye of protection, isn’t it ??

  27. As an autistic man who loves black metal, I find it ridiculous that someone would just instantly stop listening to a band simply because the band members espouse an ideology the listener doesn’t like. I understand that fascism offends you, but then again, people can get offended by anything. I’m offended by book burnings. Does that mean I instantly stop listening to a band simply because one of their songs talks about burning the Bible or something? No. I simply look past it and judge the song based purely on the music.

  28. Hawthorne Resident

    lol how bored are you guys? if you don’t like the band then don’t listen to them

  29. You, in my opinion, is the most IGNORANT CHRISTIAN THAT I’VE ENCOUNTERED IN MY LIFE! Not all black metal bands are racist, or are neo Nazis SIR! what are you afraid of? These Satanist Black Metal bands that are AntiChristian, are against the principles of how they dictate their religion to others with their angelical views on how they treat women, and what they think about homosexuality, and GOD hates fags agenda! Jesus Christ Hated religion, you know that don’t you? There are BLACK METAL bands that aren’t for example Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Mayhem, Belphegor. Get your facts straight first before you pass your judgement …SIR! They believe in the ability to think for themselves, GOD DOES GIVE YOU FREE WILL..RIGHT?you have the freedom to follow him the devil Satan or not to follow any religion. That’s what they choose to do! Satanism is a philosophy way of life like Christianity.Go figure,,and reeducate yourself! I do not hate to say this but, an atheist no more about your religion then you do fool! Sorry sir!

  30. “an opportunity for that group to counter the genre’s overwhelmingly white demographic and tendency to champion or tolerate extreme right views.”

    I really, really hope that the black metal community firmly resists this takeover by the social justice crowd! If you’re PC and care a lot about so-called racism,transphobia, intersectionality and all that garbage there’s the punk scene the indie scene, the hardcore scene, etc.

    Black metal was created by 99% White people so there is nothing, nothing and absolutely nothing wrong with the scene being mostly White! Yes I know Blasphemy, Mystifier, Impiety, etc. For those who want an explicitely White only scene, there’s the NSBM scene. For those who like a White scene and don’t have a problem with the presence of a certain number of non-Whites *who don’t have a problem with White people*, the Black Metal scene is fine.

    There is nothing wrong with the tendency for extreme views to flourish in Black metal! Black metal is somewhat dangerous and I appreciate it that way, thank you very much.

  31. I speak as a Black Man who’s been in the extreme metal scene for close to half of my life now. I’m a huge Burzum fan. Blazebirth Hall ? Not nice guys at all but the music is quite fine thank you very much. I’ve been to countless shows where half of the audience was NS people. Somehow or another I’ve always been treated cordially everywhere. I’ve been to Black metal shows in European countries where I was probably the only black person ever in years. When I got into metal, I knew that it was a (mostly) White Man’s domain and I was fine with that. I categorically refuse the idea that there is a “diversity” problem to be solved. Yes there is an element of danger involved and I’m not crazy (I wouldn’t go to an actual NSBM* show and that would be a provocation to the audience anyways).

    I’ve had the opportunity to engage in small chat with Inquisition before or after a show and I certainly didn’t feel any apparent hostility towards myself.
    Not sure what’s wrong with saying that jesus was a jew. Wasn’t he? Also why is hating christianity ok and hating judaism not ok ? Any good reason ?

    re: Gyibaaw. Why did they have to leave he BM scene ? Absolutely no one is forced to adhere to rightwing views to be part of the scene. On the other hand one needs to be Ok with people holding right wing views, definitely!

    Grassroots black metal fans really need to counter this PC mentality.It’s going to be hard because with the influx of the hipsters/english majors into our scene, the written word about BM tends to be monopolized by them and their social justice pals and soon enough all we will hear about will be feminism, ableism, sexual harassment, raaacism, etc.

    I for one, my background notwithstanding, consciously, of my own volition chose to be involved in a eurocentric art form. I don’t wish to see it change significantly in that respect. To me it’s like a White guy getting involved in the boboshanti reggae scene and then complaining that it’s too black race focused. Absurd.

    * not that I wouldn’t want to! It’s be awesome to see Der Stuermer or Graveland but as I said, I’m not totally crazy.

  32. keep hipsters out of metal

    Analgender clearly is not a metalhead, but someone who likes to listen to metal once in a while, that is, if it’s PC enough for his tastes.

    • Metal of various subgenres makes up probably 75% of what I listen to on a day-to-day basis. Sorry you can’t imagine someone who loves metal but is still willing to engage with it critically and call out the shittier aspects.

      • keep hipsters out of metal

        It’s not because you listen to metal 75% of the time that you are a metalhead. You might “love” black metal, but you clearly do not understand it.

  33. Just a general response to the above comments, since basically none of your arguments are worth responding to individually. First, if you’re criticising someone for caring about social justice, you might want to think about how your argument looks to anyone outside of that small section of the internet that condemns the most modest request for justice as an example of “SJW”, “PC gone mad”, the thought police, or whatever you ding-dongs are calling it this week. Second, I’m genuinely amused by the argument that downloading music for free is in any way comparable to supporting fascist and white supremacist ideology.
    Finally, to those questioning my true kvlt kredentials as if it matters: if being true to black metal means tolerating the presence of fascists, white supremacists etc, I’m happy to be considered a tourist. I love much of what I hear from the genre, but I find the argument that black metal, or the wider genre, requires that kind of mindset to be laughable. That kind of true kvlt mentality represents not only the scene’s stagnation, but the stagnation of the thought process of those within it. Hugs and kisses, analgender xxxxx

    • Well, considering downloading, I did not say I equate it with supporting Extreme idelogies, just that, from a legal point of view, worshipping nazism, hating on ethnic minorities, dreaming about genocide or even going so far as commisioning (non-political, hardly offensive) art from or having a far-righter releasing your music is completely fine as long as you don’t spread your beliefs in the public sphere. Downloading music/art and screwing hard-working underground and deserving artists is always illegal though.

      But I guess some people wish they could sentence people on the sole grounds of what they believe or think, am I correct?

    • GreyAshPrayer

      “Just a general response to the above comments, since basically none of your arguments are worth responding to individually.”

      This is just cowardice. If you actually read, there’s a black guy arguing against you (rather well), and you are still ignoring the signs that Kramer/Inquisition are far from “Nazis”. But, that would hurt your feelings and make your article wrong, so I guess none of it is worth responding to.

      Also, read the comment by ‘KeepTouristsOutofBlackMetal’ and then read it again. Also, despite all your whining, Metal doesn’t give a shit.

      Your article has only inspired defense. How does that feel?

  34. Eyvindur Gauti

    what is it with these lyrics that makes you think they are not the run of the mill fairytale type lyrics that black metal is pretty famous for?

    why is it okay to say you are going to crush the christians instead of the jews?

  35. analgender | April 28, 2014 at 11:34 pm | Reply
    “”””””…whereas violent leftist action is at least nominally aimed at powerful ruling classes, or reactionary elements in society that prey upon the marginalised, such as fascist groups.””””””

    The victims of Pol Pot, Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Robespierre, etc will be glad to know that though they were targeted for massive state violence, at least the state had good intentions! awesome!

  36. If you’re truely anti-racist, anti-fascist and such, why do you support judaism which represents everything you (supposedly) are against?

    • You realise Judaism and the millions of people who believe in it are not all represented by the actions of the Israeli state, right

      • Not all nazis killed jews either.

      • Where did I talk about so-called “israel”? You seems good to make people saying what they didn’t say (don’t know if this expression exists in English nor do I care), right? I was refering to their scriptures (Maïmonide’s ones for instance, or Genesis with the Cham’s history). Anyway, politics of so-called “israel” are based on their religion, so the conclusion is not very hard to get (and this is why johan’s comparison is very accurate). Also almost EVERYONE was against this religion before Israel was founded, don’t you think there is an actual reason to this? And please, do me a favor and stop “defending” “minorities” (including one I guess I am supposed to be a part of though I don’t think it’s useful to claim to be in a minoroty…) if you’re also defending the complete opposite. Ho, and unlike what you wrote in your article, jews are not an ethnicity (this show how much you know about the subject…)….

  37. It’s obvious the writer has mental issues.

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  41. Lord Nekroanus

    Hope you feel good up on your moral high horse, blog author. Here’s some advice: STOP LISTENING TO METAL.

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  43. keep hipsters out of metal

    And just to be clear: I don’t think you don’t understand metal because you are not tr00 or kVlt enough, I couldn’t care less about that, but because your posts show you try to separate content and form. Sure, you can distinguish between content and form, but you can’t separate them. If you can’t stomach extreme opinions in metal, you clearly are listening to it’s music because of misguided reasons. It might be a form of entertainment for you, and you’re free to enjoy it that way, but metal actually is a monistic form of art, to be taken as a whole.

    The fact that your objections to its content are selective (it’s okay to verbally attack christians, a majority, but not jews, a minority) only make things worse, but actually isn’t the core of the arguments.

    Just out of curiosity: did you stop listening to Emperor because Faust killed a gay man?

  44. David Alfaro

    Stop paying attention to this faggot and her gossiping, she is familiar with Inquisition since last year only (haha) and pretends to come up judging them because she got all offended by some of their views/pics related to NAZISM? Hahah, hope I never come across this bitch in real life, I will break her nose and humilllate her just for the fact of beign some of the biggest pussies ever, keep away from metal outsider girl….. And fuck off!

    • A) Even if I were gay, why would that be an effective way to insult me? Unless you were the kind of awful person who thinks homosexuality in of itself is a bad thing, or something.
      B) I’m actually a dude. Love how you immediately assume based on the fact that I care about this stuff, and that you perceive me as someone unfamiliar with black metal culture, that I must be a woman though.

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  48. you should have stopped listening to Inquisition because of their flagrant abuse of nu-metal natural harmonics in their groove-metal oriented sound and fake Immortal vocals. you scum.

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